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Franz Ritter Büchsenmanufaktur – Exklusive Jagdwaffen

Manufacturer:  Sauer / Ritter Custom,  Model: 202

Caliber: .270 Win.

Weapon description:
Special storage with shank class “Superluxus”, special Fixed mounting extra deep mounted with Swarovski Z6i 1,7-10 * 42 Abs: 4A-i, modified trigger system, removable special strap.
Weapon is sold

Hunting Shotguns


Manufacturer:  Bühag/Suhl

Caliber: 12/70

Weapon description:
Double barrel shotgun, hunting engraving right side ducks, left side pheasant, ejector, Q1 stamping, stamp “Aug. Pupil-suhl “on the running hook.
Weapon is sold


Manufacturer:  Juch/Ferlach

Caliber: 6,5*57   16/70

Weapon description:
Over & under shotgun rifle , gold edging of the system, excellent relief engraving with fine arabesques, signed by Ferlacher Meistergraveur Obiltschnig.

ZF Zeiss 6 * 42 Abs. 1 Suhler single-hook installation
Weapon is sold


Manufacturer:  Merkel/Suhl

Caliber: 20/70 – 20/70

Weapon description:
Double shotgun, double rifle, changeable double jib 8 * 57IRS, fine side lock, hunting engraving on the right fox and duck, left dog and pheasant, double jogging barrels 8 * 57 IRS from Müller-Westerwald with mouth adjustment, 24Varipoint, extra low-profile swivel mounting.
Price on request

Even if you can only shoot with one hand by accident or illness, you do not have to forego hunting.
We build or create a corresponding weapon according to your needs.