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Manufacturer of exclusive hunting rifles & shotguns

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Franz Ritter - Gunsmith


with wood and steel

Franz Ritter - Gunsmith


with wood and steel

Gun repairs

Of course, we carry out all necessary work and repairs on your firearms in our workshop.

Ritter Hunting Rifles


You own a historical weapon?

We perform expert restorations.

Ritter Hunting Firearms

Hunting rifles

All ORIGINAL RITTERs are equipped with a modified special shotgun extraction system with specially developed Ergo trigger.

Ritter Hunting Rifles

Firearm shafts

The ORIGINAL RITTER shafts are characterized by their slim, classic shaft shape with a German jaw and the rearward drawn pistol grip.

Ritter Hunting Firearms

Franz Ritter Gunsmith

Ritter Firearms Handmade In Germany

Original Ritter- Firearms & Guns

Exceptional hunting rifles & luxury guns

ORIGINAL RITTER firearms combine the advantages of a multi-loader with the leadership of a light, elegant stalker with a weight of only 3 kg. Through strong changes and modifications of the locking system (Mauser, System 98), our rifles are given a buttery and precise closure.

The precise coordination between the system, the shaft and the caliber lends the ORIGINAL RITTER an outstanding elegance and aesthetics.

Original Ritter hunting firearms

All ORIGINAL RITTERs are equipped with a modified special shotgun extraction system with a specially developed Ergo trigger. We set the trigger weight to 800 g. The advantages of this special withdrawal will be noticeable for you on the first contact.
The caliber selection will be made according to your wishes, and we will adapt the ORIGINAL RITTER to the aesthetics and leadership of the potash group. The ORIGINAL RITTER is equipped with a modified magazine, with a folding lid for opening.
The fuse is secured by a horizontal 3-position fuse with lever on the right and effect on the firing pin nut. For the sighting, the stand and bead are brazed on the barrel with saddles made from the full. The belt straps are pulled over the barrel by means of a ring and are also soldered.

Original Ritter Rifle Shafts

The ORIGINAL RITTER is characterized by its slim, classic shaft shape with a German cheek and the back-pulled pistol grip. The front end is made of deep black ebony. We also use fine hand cut fish skin and coat the rubber cap with high quality leather.
Shank finish shiny polished in oil.
On request, other shaft shapes are possible.


For an ORIGINAL RITTER we use a Lothar Walter Matchlauf with a standard length of 56 cm. Of course, other runs are possible on request.

Repairs your hunting equipment at the highest level

Of course, we carry out all necessary work and repairs on your shotguns and rifles in our workshop. From new occupations to remote mountings of all kinds up to the reworking and special conversions.

Restorations of historic rifle

Do you have a historical rifle that the teeth of the age have gnawed? We perform expert restorations. Repair, exchange, renew and lend the gun new shine and flawless functions.

Premium engraving of the highest quality

An engraving gives the hunting rifle or shotgun a unique appearance and a distinctive personality. We are able to offer you every kind of engraving, from classic European hunting motifs to big figures, coats of arms and individual wishes to modern designs.

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